Passionate about photography since childhood ... My first approach was at school, I was in fifth grade. And my teacher, "teacher Irma" was talking to an educator who taught lessons to section 6-1: teacher Francisca or "Chica girl", about the graduation of her students, since at that time the fifths dismissed the sixth degrees

At that time a photographer from the area came to the school to take pictures of the graduates, and I talked with him about what a beautiful camera, etc ... But he told me that if I wanted to dedicate myself to photography I had to finish study, and then I could be his "assistant".

I still remember this with a lot of love and admiration.

Years passed and from there I always had the restlessness with respect to photography. Years later, in 2005, when I was working in a multinational company and I was recently hired, a requirement was to take the identification photograph, and again the photographer in me woke up.

Time later I came back to find the experience of photography, with a former workmate, taking pictures, for which I reactivated my longing turning it into reality.

At the end of 2015 I made the decision to study at the academy with a recognized photographer and I specialized in documentary, commercial and portrait photography.

The foregoing has filled me with expectations that in the past I had projected for my future, photography being my passion and my way of life today.